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21st Century Teacher Training

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Amanda Schenk, database curator:


"Over the past year I have been building a database of accredited Master's in Education schools and I have recently published that database online in the form of my website as a resource for prospective students.  I felt the existing websites on the subject were either out of date, or suspect as to their bias because they were sponsored by some of the schools. In any case, I thought that prospective Master's in Education students needed a single reliable resource from which they could find out basic information and links to all of the available accredited Master's in Education schools. As a result, I have listed all available schools with links directly
to the appropriate program and sorted by state on my website."




Scott McLeod, on "World-class teacher preparation":





Are teachers ready to help learners for the world that will be?


Schools of education are ramping up efforts to prepare future teachers to integrate technology into their instruction:



Question and response, as reported by eSchool News, who spoke with with Sharon P. Robinson, president and chief executive of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, which represents about 800 public and private teacher-education programs.


Q: What teacher education schools are doing a good job of addressing the need for technology training in particular?

A: Off the top of my head: Bank Street College in New York, Salisbury State in Maryland, the University of Virginia, Colorado State University, Old Dominion. I was just at the University of Texas in Arlington, and these teacher educators and researchers from various disciplines are using interactive whiteboards like it's no big thing. They use these tools now as part of what they do. There's also George Mason, the College of William and Mary, Hunter College, Iowa State. It's pretty widespread. You can find some really amazing things happening where the university is working with the K-12 school to support the instruction of the students and the candidates, so that they really bring a much richer learning process to both parties. Schools of education are making sure teacher candidates are developed in whatever the state of the art is, as it is made known to them.


Past winners of the AACTE award for innovative use of technology:


2009 Arizona State University
2008 University of Puerto Rico
2006 University of Missouri-St. Louis
2005 Valdosta State University
2004 University of Illinois at Chicago
2003 Kennesaw State University
2002 University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2001 University of Northern Colorado
2000 Iowa State University
1999 University of Wisconsin-River Falls
1998 University of Virginia, Curry School of Education


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