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Chronic Illness - Supportive College Environment

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Chronic Illness - Supportive College Environment


Schools that counselors have seen students with disabilities or illness attend with success:


CW Post



Other responses from colleges and counselors:


DePaul has a program for students with chronic illnesses


Fairleigh Dickinson is very understanding about disabilities; they offer online classes, so perhaps your student can work out a way to take a few online classes that he can keep up with from home when he needs to miss school.


Stanford U. has an outstanding CF clinic and there is an active community of families of CF kids out here.   Santa Clara U is just a few miles from Stanford, so the student would have good medical resources nearby.  Stanford, would, of course,also provide a good combination of academics and medical care.


Rowan University also has a strong student support office,– not just for students with illness or disabilities but for students who encounter difficulty in general.


Sacred Heart


STAC Pathways Program at St Thomas Aquinas College in Rockland


University of Delaware


University of Vermont



(Initial list compiled by Marcy Flamholtz at Paramus High School in December of 2007.)


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