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Engineering and Business

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Engineering and Business


Q:  I am looking for a program that provides concurrent study in business  

and engineering?  I see UPenn has an excellent program like this.


Any others?



Responses (some from an old list serve list - may not be completely accurate):



Babson College - partnership with Olin (MA)

Binghamton University (SUNY)

Bucknell - 5 yr. dual-degree program (PA)

Cal State Fullerton

Christian Brothers University (TN)

Clarkson University has a program that is over 50 years old. The link


    will provide you with more information.

Colorado State




Flagler College

Florida Institute of Technology

Gannon University


Lehigh http://www3.lehigh.edu/engineering/academics/ibe2.asp

Loyola Marymount

Manhattan College (NY)

Mason (??)

Merrimack College

Olin College - partnership with Babson (http://www.olin.edu/about_olin/olin_babson_partnership.asp) (MA)


Roger Williams University (construction management combines with  bus. management)


Saint Louis U

Seton Hill University

Southern Methodist University (TX)

Stanford (CA)

Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ)

UC Santa Clara

University of CT

University at Buffalo (offers a number of different types of Engineering

      programs, many ending with an MBA in Business. You can find out more  

      by visiting http://www.eng.buffalo.edu)

University of Delaware

The University of Iowa offers strong programs in Business & Engineering:




(In addition, the College of Engineering offers a Technological

Entrepreneurship certificate program, and the College of Business  

offers a standard Entrepreneurship certificate; both could be used to  

round out a student's degree if they were interested in eventually  

starting or managing their own business. These & other certificate  

programs offered through the University are open to any student of  

any major.)






University of Louisiana at Lafayette

U of the Pacific

U of San Diego

UVa's engineering school has a business minor.  It's relatively new  

    and was developed because so many engineering students were  

    interested in taking classes in the business school, but couldn't  

    always make the classes fit into their schedule

Valparaiso University (IN)

Washington Univ (MO)

Westminster College (UT)

Whitman College

Wilkes University (PA)

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