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History of This Site

Page history last edited by Shelley 7 years, 4 months ago

History of This Site


Just in case you're wondering how this all got started...


Shelley Krause, the lead curator of this site, is a high school college counselor at the amazing Rutgers Preparatory School in Somerset, NJ. She belongs to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, which in turn hosts a national listserv.


Most days, some college counselor somewhere in the world (usually several) posts to that list a request that runs something like, "I'm working with a young woman who is interested in such-and-such. Does anyone know of schools with programs in that field? I'll post the results."


Then other counselors send along their $.02, and the initiating counselor posts a list of the responses. It works.


But sometimes, all that back-and-forth could have been saved. When searching for schools that offer programs in a particular field, counselors should probably start off by trying to Find Colleges By Major.


There are also lots of College Search Tools out there.


But still, there are many cases in which the search engines won't help you.  What if what you're looking for has less to do with academic offerings, and more to do with extracurricular issues?  Or policies with regards to required courses?  These kinds of questions crop up on the listserv on a regular basis, and this is where Scott White comes in.


Scott White, a fellow college counselor who has now retired from the excellent Montclair High School, used to annually compile a kind of "master list" of schools by category and generously shared it with his colleagues via the NACAC listserv. Many of us came to depend on him to help us tame the otherwise unruly assortment of lists that come down the listserv pipe or land on our desks via other means.


The initial data population of this wiki consisted largely of Scott's work. (Thank you, Scott!) Now we could use your help. We need college counselors and admissions officers to help make this wiki's content first-rate! See a typo or a list that's missing a school? Email Shelley with your correction. Or, if you work as high school college counselor and think that you might have multiple contributions to make, request editorial access. Once you're approved, you'll be able to click on the "edit" button on the page in question and make changes as you see fit. See a school on a list that you know no longer offers the program in question? Get the password, then click on the "edit" button and delete the outdated info. Have an idea for a list that you think should exist? Use your passworded access to click on the create a new page link and create an appropriately named new document. And the next time you have a question about a student looking for a particular kind of program or major, try back here. (Go ahead, bookmark it!)


Got questions? Send them along, and we'll create a FAQ if it seems warranted.



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