LD - resources for students

LD - resources for students


K&W Guide To Colleges for Students with LD/ADHd 9th edition (2007), published by Random House and Princeton review and authored by Kravets and Wax, is a great place to start.


College Academic Support: great web site to start the search of "structured programs" and begin to understand services available to students:    http://collegeacademicsupport.com/index.html


See also Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities or ADD (Peterson's) and The College Sourcebook (Wintergreen Orchard House). 


The HEATH organization provides great information about the process of admission to post-secondary programs.  Their web address is www.heath.gwu.edu.  They have also just published a guide for counselors who work with students with disabilities.  It is available at no charge on their website.


The first place to check is a college's website.  When students call schools to set up campus visits, ask to meet with a representative from the campus' disabilities services office. 


Adelphi's "starting page" for parents and students is particularly helpful: http://learning-resource.adelphi.edu/resources


You can find a list of colleges with comprehensive programs for learning

disabled students at: http://www.college-scholarships.com/learning_disabilities.htm


Contributed by the Assistant Director for Admissions & Outreach at the SALT Center < http://www.coh.arizona.edu/crit_lang/ > The University of Arizona.  


We began accepting applications for the Fall 2008 semester on

August 1st.  We have already received quite a few applications and look

forward to the review process.  There are a couple of highlights in our

Fall 2008 application that I would like to point out to you and your


*    The SALT Center requires that each student who is applying for

admission participate in an Admissions Interview with a representative

from our Admissions Team.  Interviews can take place in person or over

the phone.  In either case interviews can be scheduled by calling


*    Applications for admission require 4 essays.  Instructions for

each essay can be found in the application.


*    Applications for admission require 2 letters of recommendation.

Instructions and forms can be found in the application.


*    Students with learning and/or attention challenges should submit

comprehensive documentation of their disability.


*    We encourage students to submit official high school transcripts

and test scores if available.  These documents are not required but at

times they are helpful in reviewing an application.

*    Feel free to download our hardcopy application

< http://www.coh.arizona.edu/crit_lang/ >  in PDF format. 



Initially compiled by Bernice V. Dunn at Schenectady County Community College