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Colleges with Structured Learning Differences Programs

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College Info for Disabilities and Learning Differences


Colleges with Structured Learning Support Programs:


Augsburg College (MN) - CLASS program: http://www.augsburg.edu/classprogram/index.html

American University (DC)-http://www.american.edu/ocl/asac/Learning-Services-Program-For-Freshmen-with-Learning-Disabilities.cfm\

Beacon (FL) - http://www.beaconcollege.edu/

Curry College (Program for the Advancement of Learning - PAL): http://www.curry.edu/programs-and-courses/undergraduate-programs/special-programs/ld-program-(pal).html

Dean (MA) - The ARCH Learning Community: http://www.dean.edu/academics/Arch.cfm

Fairleigh Dickinson University-http://view.fdu.edu/default.aspx?id=731

George Mason University(VA) - New Century College: http://ncc.gmu.edu/

Hofstra University (NY)-http://www.hofstra.edu/studentaffairs/stddis/

Landmark College(VT) - http://www.landmark.edu/ld-and-adhd-resources/

Lynn University (FL)- Institute for Achievement and Learning: http://www.lynn.edu/academics/institute

Manhattanville College (NY) - http://www.mville.edu/life/student-services/disability-services/help-center

Marist (NY) - Learning Disabilities Support Program: http://www.marist.edu/specialservices/prospect-ldis.html

Miscercordia University (PA)-http://www.misericordia.edu/misericordia_pg_sub.cfm?sub_page_id=3843&subcat_id=129

Mitchell (CT) - Bentsen Learning Center: http://community.mitchell.edu/BLC

Northeastern (MA) - http://www.northeastern.edu/uhcs/ldp/index.html

University of Arizona - SALT program: http://www.salt.arizona.edu

University of Connecticut - BOLD program: http://www.csd.uconn.edu/

University of Denver (CO) - Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP): 


University of Hartford - Hillyer College: http://www.hartford.edu/hillyer/

University of Iowa - REACH program: http://www.education.uiowa.edu/services/reach/default.aspx


(Please see also LD students or students needing support - schools good for.)

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