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Photos from the File Rooms

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Photos from the File Rooms

(now with video, too!) (scroll down)


Earlham College:

Earlham College


Vanderbilt University, March 2009: 



Purdue University, Nov. 2008: http://www.boilermakerlife.org/blogs/?p=421 (scroll down)


UVA: http://uvaapplication.blogspot.com/search/label/office photos (not all of these photos are from the file room, but there are some great ones that are!)


Goucher College opening mail (2007):


                                   GOUCHER COLLEGE


Goucher College, opened mail (2007):



                                    GOUCHER COLLEGE


Unnamed school in a blog post:  http://www.internationalcounselor.org/?p=253



Lee Billow from Cappex writes:


We produced a highly regarded video called Admissions Behind-the-Scenes: Where's My Application” that may be of some help.


Your students can get a behind-the-scenes look at how a large state college and a small private college handle incoming applications and make decisions on which students are admitted. This video also includes college admission tips and advice from the people making the decisions.


You can click on this link to access it. http://www.cappex.com/msep/tools/

Once you click the link, click on the “Apply” tab, and a prompt to watch the video will come up.



Butler University's "Day in the Life of an Application" video (a little over 2 minutes long):


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