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Recovery Positive - supportive campus environments

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Recovery Positive - supportive campus environments for students in recovery 



Counselors were asked for advice about helping a student in recovery find a school that would be supportive. 


One organization that is hoping to help students dealing with mental health issues in college is Active Minds, http://www.activemindsoncampus.org/


The International Association of Counseling Services has put together some guidelines that address appropriate counseling staff-to-student ratios, posted here.


Check in with the Association of College and University Housing Officers - International or NASPA, maybe? https://www.acuho-i.org/ , https://www.naspa.org


CollegeExpress has a list from the College Finder, here: https://www.collegexpress.com/lists/list/schools-offering-substance-free-housing/1663


Other interested organizations include the Jed Foundation and the Suicide Prevention Resouce Center.


Below are the results of the listserve query:


First, if calling schools, "try to couch the inquiry by asking for substance free, or wellnessdorms, or full sobriety, which state a choice of lifestyle rather than a problem."


Schools mentioned by counselors (please read our disclaimer!):


Augsburg (multiple mentions)

Rutgers (also multiple mentions) 


American University (DC)

Babson College (MA) 

Belhaven College (MS)

Brown University (RI)

Case Western Reserve (OH)

Drew University (NJ) - http://www.drew.edu/campus-life/campus-life/housing-residential-life/residence-halls/special-interest-housing

Gordon College (MA) - https://www.gordon.edu/studenthandbook/drugfreeschools

Hampshire College - https://www.hampshire.edu/housing/substance-free-housing

Holy Cross (MA) - https://www.holycross.edu/campus-life/housing/campus-housing/substance-free-housing

University of Maryland - http://reslife.umd.edu/housing/substancefree

McDaniel College (MD) - https://www.mcdaniel.edu/student-life/housing

Mississippi College (MS)

Muhlenberg (PA)

Princeton (NJ)

Texas Tech


Go to www.bacchusgamma.org <http://www.bacchusgamma.org/>  - this is a high school network looking at alchohol and health related issues.  They have a Board of Trustees who are apparently mostly college people so I assume those schools, which are listed by their names, may have good programs for this.


Go to www.recoveryschools.org <http://www.recoveryschools.org/>  - go to "schools" and scroll down to colleges. The resulting list currently includes: 


Brown University

Case Western Reserve

Grand Valley State (MI)

UC- Boulder  (CO)

Loyola College (MD)


UT-San Antonio

Washington State


(List initially compiled by Parny Hagerman of ConnectEdu.net in November of 2006)

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