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Scholarships - African-American Students

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Minority Resources


Scholarships - African-American Students (some also for other underserved students as well)


Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students http://www.beanactuary.org/minority/scholarships.htm


AIA / Architects Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship Diversity Advancement Scholarship



Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships http://www.aynrand.org/contests/


Bell Labs Fellowships for Under-represented Minorities http://www.bell-labs.com/fellowships/CRFP/info.html


Black Alliance for Educational Options Scholarships http://www.baeo.org/options/privatelyfinanced.jsp


Black Excel’s 25 Scholarship Gateways http://www.blackexcel.org/25scholarships.htm


BOEING scholarships (some with HBCU connections) http://www.boeing.com/companyoffices/educationrelations/scholarships


Brand Essay Competition http://www.instituteforbrandleadership.org/IBLEssayContest-2002Rules.htmm>


Burger King Scholarship Program http://www.bkscholars.csfa.org/


Coca-Cola Two Year College Scholarships http://www.coca-colascholars.org/programs.html


College Horizons Scholarships (Native American students) Most students must be at least ¼ Native Blood and have a ‘tribal card’ to qualify for many programs. Each tribe typically has resources and/or scholarships for students as well, so be sure to check that as


College Horizon

PO Box 1262 Pena Blanca, NM 87041

505-401-3854 www.collegehorizons.org

Applications typically due February



Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Scholarships: http://cbcfinc.org/scholarships.html


CUNY Scholarships and Fellowships http://www.osc.cuny.edu/sep/links.html


Easley National Scholarship Program http://www.naas.org/senior.htm


Ed Finance Group Scholarship Links http://www.efg.net/link_scholarship.htm


Gates Millennium Scholarships http://www.gmsp.org/nominationmaterials/read.dbm?ID=12


Goldman Sachs LaunchPAD (Career Readiness Program) Program  http://leadprogram.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=265508&type=d&termREC_ID=&pREC_ID=506760

Free three-year program, created in partnership with LEAD. Uoffers a unique combination of experiential learning, mentorship and college readiness. Develop  strengths, build confidence and gain exposure to the many career opportunities within the financial services industry.


Graduate Fellowships For Minorities Nationwide http://cuinfo.cornell.edu/Student/GRFN/list.phtml?category=MINORITIES


Hampton University's Scholarships (as of 2010):



The Trustee scholarship is a unique award offered by Hampton University. It provides a four -year scholarship to include: Tuition, Room, Board, and a $500 book stipend. The recipient must have a minimum SAT score of 1400 (combined Math and Critical Reading score only) or minimum ACT composite score of 32.


The Presidential scholarship is awarded to students with a SAT score of 1300 – 1390 (combined Math and Critical Reading score only) or an ACT composite score ranging from 29- 31. This four- year scholarship covers the cost of Tuition, Room, and Board.

Hampton Scholars

The Hampton Scholars award is awarded to students with a SAT score of 1200 – 1290 (combined Math and Critical Reading score only) or an ACT composite score of 27-28. Recipients of this award receive a four-year Tuition scholarship.


The Merit scholarship is awarded to students with a SAT score of 1100 - 1190 (combined Math and Critical Reading score only) or an ACT composite score of 24 - 26. Recipients of this award receive a partial tuition scholarship.  


HBCU Packard Sit Abroad Scholarships (for study around the world) http://www.sit.edu/studyabroad/packard_nomination.html


Historically Black College & University Scholarships http://www.iesabroad.org/info/hbcu.htm


Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships http://holocaust.hklawcom/


Hope Scholarships & Lifetime Credits http://www.ed.gov/inits/hope/


INROADS internships http://www.inroads.org/


Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Graduate Business Scholarship (for African-American students in South Florida)  http://www.jackituckfield.org/


Kaarme's lists:


Lagrant Foundation Scholarships (for undergraduates in advertising, PR, etc.): http://www.lagrantfoundation.org/site/?page_id=2


LuLac Scholarship Funds http://www.lulac.org/Programs/Scholar.html


MALDEF (Latino Legal Voice For Civil Rights in America) list of scholarships available to undocumented students:



Maryland Artists Scholarships  http://www.maef.org/


Microsoft Scholarship Program http://www.microsoftcom/college/scholarships/minority.asp


Multiple List of Minority Scholarships http://gehon.ir.miami.edu/financial-assistance/Scholarship/black.html


NAACP’s “ACT-SO” Scholarships  http://www.naacp.org/work/actso/act-so.shtml


National Assoc. of Black Journalists Scholarships (NABJ) http://www.nabj.org/html/studentsvcs.html


NCAA Sports Scholarships and Internships http://www.ncaa.org/about/scholarships.html


Paralegal Studies - Scholarships for Study in http://www.paralegals.org/Choice/2000west.htm


Presidential Freedom Scholarships http://www.nationalservice.org/scholarships


RHODES SCHOLARSHIPS AT OXFORD http://www.rhodesscholar.org/info.html


Ron Brown Scholars Program: https://www.ronbrown.org


Roothbert Scholarship Fund http://www.roothbertfund/


Saul T. Wilson Scholarships (Veterinary) http://www.aphis.usda.gov/mb/mrphr/jobs/stw.html


ScienceNet Scholarship Listing http://www.sciencenet.emory.edu/undergrad/scholarships.html


Siemens Westinghouse Competition http://www.siemens-foundationorg/


Student Inventors Scholarships  http://www.invent.org/collegiate


Student Video Scholarships http://www.christophers.org/vidcon2k.html


Tom Joyner "Full Ride" scholarship (for a student committed to attending an HBCU): http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=promo/14223


Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund: http://www.thurgoodmarshallfund.org/sk_v6.cfm


UChicago’s list of Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities is here: http://ccmi.uchicago.edu/schl1.html


Union Sponsored Scholarships and Aid http://www.aflcioorg/scholarships/scholar.htm


William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students: http://www.apsanet.org/PS/grants/aspen3.cfm


WiredScholar Free Scholarship Search http://www.wiredscholar.com/paying/scholarship_search/pay_scholarshipsearch.jsp


Words of Wisdom - http://content.alltel.com/o/wordsofwisdom/essay.html - for students who are planning to attend one of a list of HBCU's


Xerox Scholarships for Students http://www2.xerox.com/go/xrx/about_xerox/about_xerox_detail.jsp


(The initial version of this list compiled by Charlie B. Hurd in December of 2007.)

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