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Summer Programs - Language Intensive

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Summer Programs - Language Intensive



AbbeyRoad - http://www.goabbeyroad.com, click on "Programs & Destinations," and then select Language Immersion programs


Founded by Stanford alumni in 2000, Abbey Road’s study abroad summer programs continue to deliver excellence. Our mission is to provide quality academic summer programs that facilitate cross-cultural understanding, personal growth and academic enrichment. Abbey Road was created through a collaboration of the best young professionals and educators from top schools and esteemed institutions. Our curriculum developers and staff come from places such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, Cambridge, La Sorbonne, the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Parliament and the State Department  …..  just to name a few.


AFS - http://www.afs.org


AFS is a non-profit volunteer based educational organization offering exchanges for students, young adults and teachers in over 50 countries around the world. AFS offers three basic programs for secondary students: the School Year Program, the Semester Program and the Summer or Intensive Program. There are many small variations to these programs around the world. Candidates for AFS school based programs should be between 16  and 18 1/2 years old on the date of arrival in their host country. Age requirements vary country to country. If you are 18 or older consider  the AFS Community Service Program. AFS students live with a host family and attend a local secondary school as a full-time student. Summer or Intensive Programs run for one to three months. These programs focus on homestay, language skills, community service or cultural activities. Participants live with a host family, participate in educational  activities and enjoy their new community.


Best Summer Ever - http://www.bestsummerever.com

Penn State  @ the Sorborne offers a program with the kaplan SAT prep class.  Students receive college credit.



Programs for middle school, high school, and college-aged students; programs specifically targeting language immersion are here:



CEA - Global Education Solutionshttp://www.gowithcea.com/


Concordia Language Villages    http://www.ConcordiaLanguageVillages.org

Students can sharpened their French and Spanish skills at Concordia Language Villages, whose mission is to prepare young people  for responsible citizenship in our global community. This program is supported and run by Concordia College (MN). There are two kinds of summer programs.  The Credit Abroad Programs in Japan, Spain, France and Germany allow students to earn high school language credit through a 4-week experience of intensive language study, travel and one week living with a family.  The Language Villages Program provides students a summer camp experience conducted in the foreign language, held in northern Minnesota. The Language Villages has built five culturally authentic village sites which offer total immersion experiences in these languages/cultures:  Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. You may enroll for as little as one week, or for multiple weeks. "Villagers" participate in daily language sessions with others at the same level of proficiency. There are many activities planned too, such as canoeing, arts, singing, dancing, theater - all in the target language! Evening sessions may Include commemorating a cultural event, celebrating a traditional festival or participating in a cultural simulation. You will experience authentic foods, sports, games and crafts during the immersion experience. No previous language study is required.


Experiment in International Living - http://www.usexperiment.org/ - http://www.worldlearning.org


The Experiment in International Living and the School for International Training are two of several reputable programs under the umbrella of  World Learning in Brattleboro, Vermont. World Learning is a long established organization that has been entrusted with considerable Peace Corps  training in the areas of language proficiency and cross-cultural understanding with a strong dedication to world peace. World Learning's summer exchange program immerses high school students in another culture in one of over 20 countries. Through homestays, language training, community service, peace studies, and ecological projects, these cross-cultural adventures challenge stereotypes, reduce xenophobia, and celebrate diversity. The Experiment's goal is for high school students to "change the world, one friendship at  a time."


One note of caution from a counselor... "and I give this advice as someone who grew up in Europe and was a beneficiary of such programs way back in the 1960's: Nowadays most French families are two career and many of the families who opt to host students in their homes  do it for extra income. Thus there is often no one home during the day to speak with and to expose the student to the French language and culture. In fact as a result of this major change I rarely recommend such programs anymore or if I do, I alert  my student's family to such issues and ask them to research thoroughly. However that said, there is no better way to learn a language. I credit my own proficiency in French to two summers of living with a French family in the 1960's."


Foreign Language Study Abroad Service - http://www.flsas.com/

"FLSAS has been arranging study abroad programs for over 35 years. FLSAS specializes in programs that offer flexible schedules for independent / unaccompanied / individual participants as well as small groups. FLSAS offers different options for all age groups and interests: adults (including executives & professionals), seniors, college, high school, junior high / middle school."


Landon in Francehttp://www2.landon.net/lif/home.htm

"France a la Carte" is a 2-6 week French immersion program in the Loire valley in  France for high schoolers and sometimes middle schoolers from all over the United States.  The program includes courses, a family homestay, and excursions to major cities and historical sites in France.  It can accommodate many high schoolers' variant schedules because a student can choose his or her  weeks - from week 1 through week 6 for any amount of time. 


Lita - Spanish immersionhttp://experiencelita.com/discover-lita/welcome/

"We are a cultural and language immersion program offering students a completely different approach to exploring the dynamic and vibrant elements of Spanish culture. LITA offers a comprehensive exploration of Spain, including language study; arts, fashion, food and music; family life; history; and discoveries off the beaten path. Personal attention and small group experiences are at the heart of all LITA trips. Featuring groups of 8-14 students, carefully selected homestays and constant involvement from group leaders, our team works directly with students and schools to provide an international travel experience that transcends simple language learning."



The main focus of the Manaca Summer Student program will be a 30-hour program of fun and active Mandarin lessons. Students will be taught by a team of fully-qualified native- Mandarin speaking teachers. Manaca's program for students combines intensive Mandarin studies and interaction with Chinese locals and their culture.

Classes will be held in the Pons Vista Study Center just outside of Beijing. Pons Vista is associated with Dulwich College, a 400 year old prep school in the United Kingdom.Bedrooms hold 3-6 students in bunk beds, with plenty of wardrobe space and bathrooms. The Centre also contains a full kitchen and two comfortable lounges.



A number of cultural trips and activities have been scheduled and a 3- day trip to Xi’an is included.


COST: Starting at $2,990




International Airfare



http://manacaccess.com/index.htm 1.202.333.2253 OR EMAIL: INFO@MANACACCESS.COM


Middlebury's extensive programs -  http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/ls/


National Security Language Institute for Youth


"What do speakers of Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Persian, Russian, and Turkish have in common? They are all actively sought by universities, government agencies and the business sector for their skills, experience, and knowledge. If you love languages and learning about new cultures, NSLI-Y may be the perfect program for you. Imagine receiving a scholarship to study for a year, semester, or summer in another country; with more than 600 scholarships available, this could be you."




Oxbridge Programs - http://www.oxbridgeprograms.com/


Overland Summershttp://www.overlandsummers.com/search/custom/?searchType=Activity&searchTypeValue=4&bodyActivityID=4&h1=Language


Putney Student Travel  - http://www.goputney.com


Rassias Program (via Dartmouth) - http://www.dartmouth.edu/~rassias/programs/alps.html


School Year Abroad's summer programhttps://www.sya.org/summer/why-summer


Spain Exchange - "SpainExchange.com is a comprehensive international student resouce which includes study abroad schools and programs in nearly every country worldwide [...] and information on studying and living in many parts of the world."


SPI Study Abroad


"Our high school study abroad programs and language immersion methodology have been crafted by master world language teacher, Rose Potter, who founded SPI (Study Programs International) in 1996.  Our methodology combines serious academics with meaningful hands-on cultural experiences.  The traditional classroom takes a back seat to exciting activities around the city, conversations with locals, and weekend journeys to places where history, art and culture come to life.  SPI programs provide students an authentic linguistic immersion experience with cross-cultural leadership skills that help them gain a competitive advantage in college admissions and future job opportunities."


SUNY New Paltz's Language Immersion Institute: http://www.newpaltz.edu/lii/teenprograms.html


TASIS (The American School In Swizerland) - http://www.tasis.com


The University of Virginia's language-intensive summer programs are detailed here:  http://www.virginia.edu/summer/SLI/


YingHua in Beijing



The YingHua Language School is proud to offer its highly successful 4-week Chinese language program in 2010 in Beijing, China - for students between 8 and 18 years old. In its 7th year of operation, the program is co-organized by the Beijing Yanjing Professional Cultural School (Yanjing), a nonprofit educational organization approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. Yanjing will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating most activities under the direction and guidance of YingHua.


Youth For Understanding (YFU)     http://www.youthforunderstanding.org

Established in 1951, Youth For Understanding (YFU) International Exchange has exchanged more than 200,000 students worldwide. Youth For Understanding is one of the State Department approved sponsors of exchange programs and administers government and corporate scholarships.  YFU was founded by Dr. Rachel Andresen, an educator and social worker living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In an effort to heal the wounds of World War II, Dr. Andresen arranged for 75 young Germans to live and attend school in Michigan or a year. Then as now, family and community living were at the center.  Of the YFU international learning experience. Today, YFU conducts exchanges with more than 50 countries around the world. Each exchange is coordinated by a worldwide network of national YFU organizations. There is also an athletic component of YFU called Sports  for Understanding.


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