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To Do

Page history last edited by Shelley 12 years, 11 months ago

To Do list for the College Lists Wiki:

(please note date in parentheses after each item as it is completed)


Think about putting a poll up on the front page to address access questions... something like this?


Should viewing of the CollegeLists wiki be password-protected?

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Free poll from Free Website Polls


Create more elegant FrontPage (12-11-07)


Complete initial data migration (over 100 lists! 8-21-07)


Tag site so folks can stumble on it via searching (8-15-07)


Put a StatCounter on the front page. (8-19-07)


Talk to Scott re: roll out (September, 2007)


Let folks know the site exists via the NACAC listserv (9-20-07)


Write guidelines for contributors


Write dislaimer/ guidelines for use


Write "how to help us get the word out" guide


Create contributors' Roll Call


Figure out a way to raise funds so that we can make the site ad-free?


Turn school names in to live links (ongoing)


Include abbreviation of state in parentheses after school names (ongoing)

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