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UK - Applying To Schools In

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UK - Applying To Schools In


The deadline for the completed UCAS application (all one form) is 15 October. The UCAS is completed online:  www.ucas.com


Try starting at http://www.admissions.ox.ac.uk/apply/howto.shtml


Other helpful sites include:









The British Council is the UK's international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations. They have offices in DC and LA, and can be reached via email at info (at) britishcouncil.org.


See also this list of podcast with Oxford's Director of Undergraduate Admissions:



Patrick O'Connor's questions and summary of NACAC listserv participants' responses: 


 1.  Oxford has a separate supplement to the UCAS application.  This separate supplement must be turned in by September 20th-correct?


The answer to this is "it depends".  If the student wants to be considered for a November interview in New York or Vancouver, Oxford must *receive* the completed application by September 20th.  If the student doesn't want to be considered for a North American interview, they have until October 15th to submit the Oxford Supplement and the UCAS application (and they have to do both).



2.  The supplement requires a letter of recommendation from the counselor and two teachers. Correct?


This is a big "NO!".  The supplement gives you about 1/2 of a page for one person to make a supplemental recommendation-it can be a summary by the counselor of other teacher's writing, but it's one person, and one supplement-and it should address academics and the student's ability to shine-extra curriculars are not considered.



3.  I have to actually write or type the recommendation on the form itself-I can't paste on a Word document that fits in the space.  Correct?


Two respondents said cut and paste was OK for the Oxford supplement; everyone else said no.  The UCAS application is only online, so that solves that problem-I'm going to set the margins on Microsoft Word to match the space on the supplement, make lots of copies of the supplement page, and work with my printer a lot!



4.  The same teachers must submit these letters to the UCAS application in October.  Correct?


Again, there's only one space on the UCAS app for recommendations.  These comments can be different from the Oxford supplement, but the UCAS comments go to all UK schools the applicant has applied to.



5.  I've forgotten something really important that you'll explain to me.  Correct?


Here are highlights from the original comments (searchable in the NACAC Archives under the subject line "Results for Oxford Application Inquiry"):


*        The interview is huge, and chiefly academic.  Tutors (teachers) want to make sure the students know their stuff, and can function individually.  There are agencies and Web sites that offer tips on prepping for the interview-this is a really big deal!

*        Tests.  Many programs require specific tests-make sure the right ones are taken.


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