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Wikis Explained

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Wikis Explained 



WHAT in the world is a wiki?


Wiki is a Hawai'ian word meaning "quick" or "fast."


Wikis are simple, editable websites that have the capability of letting more than one person contribute and/or edit content.  They're great for encouraging collaboration, negotiation, and synthesis.


Here's a helpful 4-minute YouTube video that explains wikis:




We think the project of sharing lists of colleges that meet one criteria or another is ideally suited to this medium.


And while the NACAC listserv postings are searchable, you can't always find what you're looking for, either because the subject line of the initial email wasn't descriptive, or because the information is scattered over several emails as "late-breaking" contributors chimed in.


If you think you might be ready to contribute to this project, please head on over to the Contributors' Notes page.





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