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Adventure Recreation - Programs in

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Programs in Adventure Recreation



Colorado Mountain College - http://coloradomtn.edu/cms/one.aspx?pageId=3636983


Colorado State University in Fort Collins - http://secure.casa.colostate.edu/applications/achoriz/majorDescription.cfm?major=NRRT-BS#overview

Eastern Washington University - http://www.ewu.edu/CALE/Programs/PEHR/PEHR-Degrees/Outdoor-Recreation.xml


Ft. Lewis College (CO) - http://www.fortlewis.edu/adventureed/


Frostburg State University (MD) - http://www.frostburg.edu/rpm/level2_avs.htm


Green Mountain College (VT) - http://greenmtn.edu/ad_ed.aspx


Idaho State University - http://new.ed.isu.edu/departments/sspe/outdoor_education_program.shtml


Ithaca (NY) Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program - http://www.ithaca.edu/hshp/depts/rls/programs/outdoor/


Lycoming College (PA) - http://www.lycoming.edu/outdoor/ 


Minnesota State University - http://groups.google.com/group/outdooreducation-jobs/browse_thread/thread/a516d78c3fdc0978


Northland College in Ashland, WI - http://academics.northland.edu/outdoor-ed/


Paul Smith's College (NY) - http://www.paulsmiths.edu/forestry/rate.php


Plymouth State University (NH) - https://www.plymouth.edu/academics/undergraduate-academic-programs/adventure-education/

Prescott College (AZ) - http://www.prescott.edu/learn/on-campus-undergraduate/areas-of-study/adventure-education/index.html


Rocky Mountain College (Billings, MT) - http://www.rocky.edu/currentstudents/OutdoorRec.shtml


Southern Oregon University - http://www.sou.edu/hpe/outd_advent.html


Unity College (ME) - http://unity.edu/majors/environmental-adventure-education-degree


University of Idaho - http://uidaho.edu/ed/movementsciences/bsrec

University of Utah - http://www.health.utah.edu/prt/undergraduate/programs/adventure.html

Western State College of Colorado - http://www.western.edu/academics/recreation

Warren Wilson College (NC) - http://www.warren-wilson.edu/academics/catalog/catalog2.php?name=outdoor_program


(The initial version of this list was compiled by Eva Gelman in May, 2011.)

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