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State-Specific College and Career Search Tools

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State-Specific College and Career Search Tools


California - www.californiacolleges.edu


California - https://www.cacareerzone.org/


Colorado -  www.collegeincolorado.org  .

Florida - https://www.flvc.org/home


Georgia - www.gacollege411.org


Maryland -  http://www.mdgo4it.org


Minnesota - the Minnesota Office of Higher Ed, http://www.ohe.state.mn.us, has extensive free resources for educators, students and families, including a list of all scholarships offered by all Minnesota colleges and universities, and a recent DVD series on paying for college.  Additionally, the MN Dept of Education's Ready, Set, Go site, http://readysetgo.state.mn.us/RSG/index.html, is a great post-secondary readiness resource.  For college and career exploration, students can look at iSeek, http://www.iseek.org.


Missouri -  www.missouriconnections.org


New Jersey -  www.njcan.org (The New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator)


New York - https://www.careerzone.ny.gov/views/careerzone/index.jsf


North Carolina -  www.cfnc.org


Oklahoma - okcollegestart.org


Rhode Island - www.WaytogoRI.org

Virginia - www.vawizard.org


Tennessee - www.collegefortn.org

Texas - http://www.collegeforalltexans.com 

(This list initially compiled by Bob Bardwell, School Counselor & Director of School Counseling at Monson Innovation High School, Monson, MA, in 2014.)

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